How to use the map.

 The map is a database of locations to safely park your tractor trailer and enjoy a bike ride.  Locations either  feature very close access to a trail or nearby attractions to ride to on roads.

Some areas are rural, some busy and urban,  and plenty in-between.  Some locations to park are well known truck stops, others are lesser known locations.  None of the locations are knowingly illegal or dangerous.

The main map shows the main location of a place to park and ride.  When you click on a location it will open a more detailed map.  You can zoom and manipulate the map like any other Google map.  The icons can be clicked on to learn what is at that location (parking, trail access, food, parks...).

Enjoy your Ride and Roll experience, and tell others about it!!!

Scott G, Jeff B, and Jeff C, and other cohorts in crime ;-)



What kind of bike & how to carry it?

The super quick list of possibilities. I have personally seen all of these methods used.

- Partly disassemb
le the bike and carry it inside the cab. This may only take a couple minutes.
- Carry the bike in your trailer.
- Find a way to safely and securely carry it behind the cab.
- Purchase a folding bike. They take up very little space when folded.

Most important points
1. Carry it in a location that will allow you to use it!!! Otherwise it’s a waste.
2. Make sure it will not be damaged, unsafe or overly
susceptible to theft.

What kind of bike to get?

One that fits YOU. Any local bike shop can easily help you find out what size and style bike you need.

A bike that fits the type of riding you want to do. Do you just want to be comfortable and put on a few miles here and there...a hybrid will probably suit you just fine. Do you want to fly like the wind at top speed...a road bike might be what you want. Want to head off-road, or ride on rough roads...a mountain bike might be what you want.

With bikes the generalization is very get what you pay for. A super cheap department store bike will be built with much lower quality components than an expensive top of the line bike from a bike shop. The good news is, there are many bikes in the happy medium range. You can also find fantastic deals on used bikes at your local bike shop or through trusted online sources.

Now a few additional thoughts...

I have talked to drivers who were uncertain of the method they were going to use to carry their bike. So they purchased a very cheap used bike to start with. After trying a few methods they figured out how to do it and bought a really nice bike that they knew would be carried in a safe way.

Talking to members of a bike club can also be very helpful.

Ultimately you need to make the call on what will work for you. Then you will end up on the bike happily cruising down the road.



Common sense stuff.

Ride and Roll is a site put together by your fellow truck drivers in our spare time.  We make every effort to be as accurate as possible when creating the maps that show places to park your truck safely and enjoy bike riding and seeing the local sites.  Please keep in mind that no map is perfect and businesses move/close.  Do not hesitate to let us know about changes.




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